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Krypto and Jesus: DC League of Super Pets


When Krypto's best friend, Superman, is going to ask Lois Lane to marry him, the super canine begins to question the nature of their friendship.

It's only through a conversation with a rescue dog named Ace that Krypto learns about the true nature of friendship and love.

As a puppy, Ace had been adopted by a couple with a young daughter.

One day, when the little girl was going to fall down the stairs, Ace grabbed her by the arm to stop her.

When she began to cry, all the parents saw were the bite marks on her arm.

Ace was immediately taken to a local animal shelter, never to be adopted again.

Ace tells Krypto that he wasn't mad at the family, because they were only trying to protect their child.

He then reminds Krypto what they say about dogs: "They love unconditionally, even when it hurts."

Later in the movie, Krypto remembers Ace's words and prepares to use his Solar Paw Punch to save his friends from a super-powered guinea pig named Lulu, even though it will cost him his life.

Someone who loves unconditionally, even when it hurts.

Someone willing to die to save his friends.

Tell me, who does that sound like?

If you don't know, look up John 15:12-13.

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"Go in Faith" July 3, 2022

Let the story of Father Abraham inspire you when the Lord tells you to leave behind your old ways.